Title page of Francois Magendie's Summary of Physiology, 1822.
Hoffman  QP34 .M19 1822


           FRANCOIS MAGENDIE (1783-1855)

    Francois Magendie was the founder of the science of toxicology and a pioneer experimental physiologist in France. He also described the effects and uses of morphine, emetine, quinine, strychnine, and other alkaloids, for which he is also called the father of experimental pharmacology.
     In 1817, Magendie published Précis élémentaire de physiologie, the first modern physiology textbook. It was translated into English and published in American in 1822. as A Summary of Physiology
    His Summary of Physiology was the first modern physiology textbook, in which he demonstrated the importance protein in diet. He proved Charles Bell's theory on the motor function of anterior roots and the sensory function of dorsal roots of spinal nerves–now know as the Bell-Magendie Law.

Portrait of Francois Magendie


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