Title page of Joseph Frncois Malgaigne's Operative Surgery, 1851.
Hoffman  RRD32 .M26 B25 .G87 1845



    Joseph Francois Malgaigne was a French surgeon, anatomist and surgical historian. He remains one of the most respected French physicians. A large number of anatomical terms coined by him are still used. In fact, many of his descriptions and techniques remain virtually unchallenged today.
    His most influential book, Manuel de medecine operatoire, published in 1834, remains an important medical treatise, covering a variety of subjects, including operative techniques used in both Europe and America.
    It was first translated into English by Frederick Brittan in Great Britain in 1846, and was then published in America in 1851. This is a copy of the American edition.


Portrait of Joseph Francois Malgaigne


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