Title page of Benjamin Rush's Diseases of the Mind, 1830.
Hoffman RC340 .R95 1830


                    BENJAMIN RUSH ( 1745-1813)

   Benjamin Rush, who was born in Philadelphia, was an avid supporter of the American Revolution, even signing the Declaration of Independence. He was also a leader in social improvement causes, such as opposition to slavery and the better education for women.
     During the first century of American medicine he became one of its most influential figures. His Medical Inquiries and Observations upon the Diseases of the Mind, first published in 1789, was one of his first literary endeavors. It became widely accepted and passed went through numerous editions. His advocacy of excessive use of bloodletting or “depletion” as he called, is now viewed as barbaric. Yet, he was far ahead of his time in the care of the mentally ill.    
   This copy of The Diseases of the Mind is the fourth edition, published at Philadelphia in 1830.

Portait of Dr. Benjamin Rush



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