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    Thomas Huff was born in 24 May 1844 in Ross County, Ohio. He enlisted in three separate Ohio regiments during the Civil War. The 1880 Ohio Federal Census listed Huff as a photographer, living in Massieville, Ohio. In the 1880-90s he worked in a number of towns in southern Ohio (notably Jackson and Ironton). By the mid-1890s he had moved to Huntington, W. VA.; the 1895-96 Huntington City Directory listed  him as one of the city's five photographers. His studio, as well as his residence, was at 948 Third Avenue. His son, William Lockwood Huff, was also listed as a photographer working at the same address. By 1897 he had also opened a studio in Ashland, Kentucky, but his residence remained in Huntington. He eventually settled in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he remained in business until he retired in 1912. He died on 28 July 1922.
    William Lockwood Huff was born in 1874 and worked with his father as a photographer, but his heart was actually in music. He eventually became a successful musician, who was well known for his band compositions, as well as the leader of a number of popular bands that performed in Ohio and West Virginia during the early 20th century. He died in 1942 in Chillicothe.

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Part of page 138 from the 1895-1896 Huntington City Directory, listing the city’s five photographers, including Thomas Huff.