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William L. Raines operated a studio from the mid-1890s to the early 20th Century at 626 Ninth Street.  
   Special Collections has a Raines photographic card in its still images collections, seen on the right. His name is stamped in purple ink on the back of the card.
   At some point he also partnered with a photographer named Richeson, whose names appears with Raines on the cabinet card below.
    Additional biographical information on these two photographers has not be found.

Sources: “Langdon's List of 19th Century and Early 20th Century American Photographers,” in Langdon Road (www.langdonroad.com/19thcphotographerslist.htm); 1895-96  Huntington City Directory, p. 98; 1902-03 Huntington City Directory, p. 227.

Photograph of Ellen Johnson, taken by W. L. Raines. The back of the card has W. L. Raines stamped in purple ink.