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George C. Teaford was born in 1840 in Augusta County, Va., and died in 1921 in the same county. Teaford's presence in Huntington appears as a series of advertisements for his Star Art Gallery in the Huntington Argus in the spring of 1873. By 1876 he had moved his studio to Rockbridge County, Virginia.
     A search of the Special Collections still image collections has turned up only a single photographic print, a cart-de-visite, taken by Teaford. The University of Virginia has five undated CDV portraits of individuals from Churchville and Lexington, Va., also taken by Teaford .

Sources: Barbara Crawford and Royster Lyle, Jr., Rockbridge County Artists and Artisans (University of Virginia Press, 1995), p. 225; George C. Teaford, Cartes-de-visite from Churchville and Staunton, Va., in Virginia Studio Photography Collection, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.

CDV of an unidentified child. The back of the card identifies Teaford as the photographer.