3 2   V O T E S   B E F O R E   B R E A K F A S T
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York, 1974. 349 pp.
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  32 Votes Before Breakfast brings together twenty stories of “not-so-tall tales about rural politics in the South in rougher and tougher days” (Dust jacket). Showing that Stuart was non-partisan in his depiction of political corruption, the book is dedicated to the “winners and losers, Republicans and Democrats,” who were “the most colorful, intriguing and fascinating men of any profession, who battled with no holds barred to win public offices in county, state and national elections.” Stuart, who had his share of run-ins with unscrupulous politicians, took keen delight in exposing about their foibles and pettiness through his prose.


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