T H E   B E S T   L O V E D   S T O R I E S   O F   J E S S E   S T U A R T
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York, 1982. 406 pp.
Selected with Commentary by H. Edward Richardson.
  Best Loved Stories of Jesse Stuart  
  The Best Loved Stories of Jesse Stuart is the work of Jesse Stuartís biographer, H. Edward Richardson. Of the nearly 500 stories Stuart wrote during his career, the book brings together thirty-four of them, grouped into six parts. Each part treats stories around certain themes: Growing up in W-Hollow (5 stories); the Old People (5 stories); the Youth (5 stories); the Characters of W-Hollow (8 stories); the Human Comedy (5 stories) and Epiphany (6 stories).

Richardson considered these thirty-four tales the “cream of his enormous output.Ē The highlight of the volume is Richardsonís introductions to each of the stories, in which he gives the background for each, bringing new and interesting insights into Stuart’s creative genius. As Richardson worked on this book, Jesse Stuart lay in coma following a stroke, and he never saw it published. It was the last book of Stuart’s published during his lifetime. The book served  as Richardson’s tribute to Jesse Stuart, to a uniquely gifted writer and poet, who brought the the hill country of eastern Kentucky—the land, the people and its customs—to life for numerous people throughout the entire world.


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