D A N E L I O N   O N   T H E   A C R O P O L I S
Archer Editions Press, Danbury, Connecticut, 1978. 167 pp.
  In Dandelion on the Acropolis Jesse Stuart recounts the trip to Greece with his wife, Naomi, in 1962. Stuart first visited Greece in 1938, and his most recent trip was in 1961 when he had visited the country during the time he taught in The American University at Cairo. He returned the next under the auspicious of the United States Information Service. He kept meticulous notes of the trip, from which the book was written.  The title is taken from a dandelion that Stuart found growing on the Acropolis, which fired his imagination “about how much this tiny flower knows about past civilizations that men have yet to learn” (Front flap of desk jacket).

The Jesse Stuart Collection has two copies of  Dandelion on the Acropolis: a standard trade edition with the dust jacket pictured above, and copy number 84 of a special encased edition of 250 copies, bound in heavy green buckram. The latter copy is also signed by Jesse Stuart.


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