D A W N   O F   RE M E M B E R E D   S P R I N G
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York, 1972. 179 pp.
  Dawn of Remembered Spring  
  Dawn of Remembered Spring is a compilation of fifteen stories grouped under “Stories,” and eleven poems under “Poems.” The book is unique, because all of the stories concern snakes, both in prose and verse. Jesse Stuart had no fear of snakes and in fact one, whom he named Old Jackson—a black snake as thick as a man’s arm and six feet long—kept him company in the studio behind his house, as he wrote. But, he was rightfully respectful of the water moccasin and copperhead, which appear prominently in Stuart’s writing. Here is the well-known reptile, Ben, and others less well-known. So, pick up the book, but “be careful which kind [of snake] you pick to touch.”  


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