T H E   G O O D   S P I R I T   O F   L A U R E L  R I D G E
McGraw-Hill Book  Co., New York City, New York, 1953. 263 pp.
  Good Spirit of Laurel Ridge  
  The Good Spirit of Laurel Ridge was Jesse Stuart’s sixth novel. The book tells the experiences of the aged hermit of Laurel Ridge, Theopolis Akers—Old Op to his friends. Op is firm believer in the world of the spirits, or sperets as he calls them. His simple life is turned up-side-down, when his daughter Lucretia comes from Dayton to take care of him; only to be followed by two distant cousins. At first Old Op accommodates the new-comers, but as they begin to corrupt Laurel Ridge with their city ways, he wishes them gone and in the end he is left alone again on Laurel Ridge



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