H E A D   O F  W - H O L L O W
E. P. Dutton & Co. New York City, New York, 1936. 342 pp.
  Head of W-Hollow   
  Head of W-Hollow was Jesse Stuartís third book to be published and was the first of his collections of short stories. The book brings together twenty-one short stories, culled from such magazines as The American Mercury, The New Republic, The Yale Review and others. The book’s title is drawn from the first story. The book garnered good reviews. Mark Van Doren opined that “the stories in themselves are strange and powerful; a great deal happens in W-Hollow, even the world has been ignorant of the fact” (Richardson Jesse, 232). The world would no longer be ignorant of W-Hollow and its inhabitants through  the writing its long resident and champion, Jesse Stuart.

The Jesse Stuart Collection also has a copy of the, now fragile, paper-back special armed services edition, issued for the military during the Second World War. It, too, is autographed by Jesse Stuart.


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