H I E   T O   T H E   H U N T E R S
Whittlesey House of McGraw-Hill, New York City, New York, 1950.  265 pp.
  Hie to the Hunters  
  Jesse Stuart’s fifth novel, Hie to the Hunters, was published in 1950. The publisher had troubling placing the book in it an appropriate market. The head of the junior department held that it was not a book for children, but the issue was finally resolved when an editor called it “a junior book for adults” (Richardson, Jesse, 338). The book proved to be very popular, going through seventeen printings between 1950 and 1976. Harcourt, Brace & World came out with a high school edition (copy in Jesse Stuart Collection) the following year.

The story centers around the experiences of Didway “Did” Hargis, a pale and spindly boy running away from his wealthy parents from a nearby city. He is taken in by Peg and Arn Sparks of Plum Grove. Their sixteen-year-old son, “Sparkie,” takes the city kid under his care and the two boys becoming fast friends. All goes well until Did’s arrival touches off a feud between the country folk and city people, leading to a pitched battle during a late night corn-shucking.


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