H O N E S T  C O N F E S S I O N  O F  A  L I T E R A R Y  S I N
W-Hollow Books, Detroit, Michigan, 1977. 24 pp.
  In the Honest Confession of a Literary Sin Jesse Stuart recounts the circumstances surrounding the publication of his first book, Harvest of Youth. He regretted his youthful enthusiasm to be published, in which he sought out a vanity press. After receiving fifty copies of the book, he vowed never to pay to have his work published again and destroyed most of the copies, making it the rarest of all his publications. Marshall University is one the few institutions to have an original copy of  the Harvest of Youth.

The illustration above is an ink drawing of Jesse and Naomi’s home in W-Hollow, drawn by Sandy Stephens especially for the book. The Jesse Stuart Collection has copy number 37 of the 350 copies printed of the book, which was signed by Jesse Stuart.


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