A  J E S S E  S T U A R T   H A R V E S T
Dell Publishing Co., New York City, New York, 1965. 288 pp.
  Jesse Stuart Harvest  
  A Jesse Stuart Harvest is a gathering of eighteen short stories into Dell’s paper-back Laurel Leaf Library, which was intended for broad public consumption, especially for those readers who might not have been exposed to Stuartís rich and powerful prose. Priced at 50 cents, the book was easily with the range of almost all readers. Stuart wrote a twenty-seven page introduction for the book, in which he described his passion for writing, and of his love of the land and people that he describes in his stories. The rear cover quotes J. Donald Adams of the New York Times, “Jess Stuart is a local colorist of the first rank—probably the best we have produced in the United States.”


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