T H E   K I N G D O M   W I T H I N
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York 1979. 169 pp.
  The Kingdom With  
  The Kingdom With: A Spiritual Autobiography is a fictional account, based in part, on Jesse Stuart’s heart attack. Shan Powderjay suffers a heart attack and while fighting unconscious he “dreams” about leaving the hospital where he encounters many of the fictional characters in Stuart’s works, as well as flesh and blood people. Shan makes his way to Plum Grove, where he watches his own funeral. Gaining consciousness, he is released from the hospital. As his wife, Jean, drives him home to W-Hollow, he looks for but fails to see what he experienced in his dream. He tells his wife, “I have a story to tell you, Jean. I want to tell you what happen to me at Kingston Hospital!” He wife replies, “You like to write. Write your story for me, Shan!”

One critic wrote that the book “permitted the poet-author to review his own work through focusing on his characterization and his own life as a man-artist reflected in the twin mirror of Shan Powderjay, Jesse Stuart’s alter-ego” (Richardson, Jesse, 445).


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