M R.   G A L L I O Ní S   S C H O O L
McGraw-Hill, New York City, New York, 1967.  337 pp.
  Mr. Gallion's School  
  Jesse Stuartís Mr. Gallion’s School tells a story of retired educator George Gallion, who accepts a position as principal of the Kensington High School, which is beset with problems such as vandalism, truancy, and gambling. Gallion, although ill and under a doctor’s care, attacks the problems head-on with his old-fashion ideas of honesty, discipline and courage. Under his direction the school is turned around, and gradually the community comes to realize the miraculous job he has done. The novel highlights Stuart’s views on education and the responsibility of parents for their children’s education.

The book is a fictionalization of Stuartís experiences as principal  of the McKell High School during 1956-1957. Gallion clearly is the personification of Stuart, even the open chapter about the character’s heart attack is based on Stuart’s own attack. His biographer held the book in high esteem: “In artistic balance as well as in substance, Mr. Gallion’s School make such topical educational novels as Up the Down Staircase, Hickory Stick and Blackboard Jungle look like the frantic outpouring of novices. For here is a more believable American high school in trouble...” (Richardson, Jesse, 370).


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