M Y   W O R L D
University of Kentucky Press, Lexington, Kentucky, 1975. 96 pp.
  My World  
  My World is one of The Kentucky Bicentennial Bookshelf publications, a series forty-seven of small books published to commemorate the bicentennial of Kentucky. The limitation on the length of the books in the series, forced Stuart to economize on his prose. He succeeded, achieving in 36,000 words in portraying his love of his home state, America, and the world he had traveled. He commenced in his home at W-Hollow and then included seven more sections on the state, and concluded with his views on “My U.S.A.,"” and “My World.” He wrote “The world belongs to me. I can never get enough of life, of living, breathing the fresh winds of Kentucky, America, the world” (Richardson, Jesse, 435).  


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