N E W   H A R V E S T:  F O R G O T T E N  S T O R I E S  O F  J E S S E   S T U A R T
Jesse Stuart Foundation, Ashland, Kentucky, 2003. 288 pp.
Selected and Edited by David R. Palmore
  New Harvest  
  The book, New Harvest: The Forgotten Stories of Jesse Stuart, is the first collection of Jesse Stuart’s short stories to be published in over twenty years. The selection of stories span Stuart’s entire career as a writer of short stories. None of the stories have been previously published in any of the collections of his short stories. The book includes Stuart’s thoughts on the literary form of the short story, first published in 1975, and never reprinted. David R. Palmore searched through many magazines and journals, some quite obscure, to bring together the collection. These stories would have remained lost to the reading public, except for this newest Jesse Stuart title.


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