O U T L O O K S   T H R O U G H   L I T E R A T U R E
Scott, Foreman and Company, Glenview, Illinois, 1968. 754 pp.
Edited by Robert C. Pooley, Jesse Stuart, Lillian White, Jay Cline, and Olive S. Niles
  Outlooks Through Literature  
  Short Stories for Discussion is a college level introductory textbook to Western literature. It is broken into seven units, each an example of a type of literature. The unit on short stories includes Stuart's, "The Slip-over Sweater." To this story is added a short essay written by Stuart, "My Exciting Adventures in Writing."

Of the five editors, Jesse Stuart was the only one who was a professional writer, the others were all academics, either at the high school or college level. This was the second of two textbook that Stuart help to select and edit.


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