A  P E N N Y ’ S  W O R T H   O F   C H A R A C T E R
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York, 1954. 63 pp.
Illustrations by Robert G. Henneberger.
  Penny's Worth of Character  
  In A Penny’s Worth of Character Jesse Stuart tells the story of a Shan Shelton, whose desire for candy and soda from Mr. Conley’s store, tests the boy’s honesty. He comes up short, learns a hard lesson, and finds out that a penny’s worth of character is priceless.

An earlier version of the story first appeared in The Progressive Farm (July 1948) and was reprinted in Scholastic Teacher (October 19. 1949.This was Stuart’s sec0nd junior book, and his seventeenth book to be published.


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