T H E    R I G H T F U L   O W N E R
Whittlesey House of McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York, 1960.110 pp.
Illustrations by Robert G. Henneberger.
  Rightful Owner  
  In The Rightful Owner Jesse Stuart tells the story of Mike Richards, who befriends a hound dog that had been mistreated. He names the dog Speckles and the two become inseparable friends. Then, another boy of a nearby family claims the dog, setting up a number of dramatic encounters, as each makes a claim on the hound. In the end the hound decides who is his rightful owner.

Stuart finished the manuscript of this book shortly after the Russian satellite Sputnik , the first manmad satellite, was launched. In a whimsical mood, he called this manuscript “Sputnik 2” (“Sputnik 1” was the manuscript for Plowshares in Heaven, finished at the same time), because  the two manuscripts “had been launched in my small literary sky” (Richardson, Jesse, 372).


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