T H E   S E A S O N S  O F   J E S S E   S T U A R T
 Archer Editions Press., Danbury, Connecticut,  1976. 229 pp.
  The Seasons of Jesse Stuart  
  The Seasons of Jesse Stuart, edited by Wanda and Terry Hicks, brought together 145 poems, arranged into seven sections. Each section contained a brief introduction about the following material, the book becoming a poetic chronology of Stuart’s life. The over-sized volume included facsimiles of each of the poems written by Stuart in his bold, distinctive handwriting. A special leather-bound and encased limited edition of 145 copies was issued, with each volume containing one of the 145 poems, which Stuart wrote out for the book  in his own longhand that he once referred to as “crow’s tracks in snow” (Richardson, Jesse, p. 435).

The Jesse Stuart Collection includes a copy of the standard trade edition, as well as a copy number 4 of the special limited edition of 145 volumes. The latter book includes Stuart’s handwritten copy of “April Night,” the poem on page 6 of the volume.



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