S P L I T   C H E R R Y   T R E E
Jesse Stuart Foundation, Ashland, Kentucky, 1990. 53 pp.
  Split Cherry Tree  
  The Split Cherry Tree was not issued as  a book during Jesse Stuart’s lifetime. It was first published as a short story by Esquire in its January 1939 issue. It tells the story of three boys who purposely damage a cherry tree on school property. Two of the boys’ fathers pay for the damages, but the third father comes to the school to right the insult to his family’s name and honor. He spends the day at school, and comes away with a whole new viewpoint about the value of education.

This publication not only reprints story, but it also has a variety of additional study materials for classroom use, including photographs from a movie version of the story produced by the Learning Corporation of America. It also has a fine chronology of Stuart’s life.


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