S  T  O  R  I  E S   B Y   J E S S E  S T U A R T
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York, 1968. 83 pp.
Adapted by Lawrence Swinburne, with drawings by Ferd Sondern
  Stories by Jesse Stuart  
  Stories by Jesse Stuart is an 83-page paperback, that brings together five stories and nine poems by Jesse Stuart. The book was part of the publishers Reading Shelf series for schools and was graded, I: A series of books adapted for easy reading. Other authors featured in the ten-book series included Jack London, Ed McBain, Rod Sterling, and Edgar Allan Poe. 

 Dave and Phyllis Brandenburg were the publishers of W-Hollow Harvest, a magazine devoted to Jesse Stuart’s writings, which was issued ten times a year between 1967-1968.



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