T H R E A T   T H A T   R U N S   S O   T R U E
Charles Scribner’s Sons., New York City, New York, 1949. 239 pp.
  The Threat That Runs So true  
  The Thread That Runs So True: A Mountain School-Teacher tells His Story is the second of Stuartís autobiographical works. It draws upon his challenging and exhilarating experiences in teaching in the Cane Creek Elementary School in 1925, in which Cane Creek was recast as Lonesome Valley.

Dutton turned down the manuscript, because the editors felt the subject of schoolteachers would prove to be “flat” with its readers. The women’s magazine, The Ladies Home Journal, agreed to publish portions of the manuscript in its May 1949 issue (Copy in the Jesse Stuart Collection). At about the same time Scribner’s accepted the manuscript for publication. The book proved to be one of Stuart’s most successful publishing endeavors. One reviewer wrote that Stuart’s novel was a “testimony of a teacher at heart, a man who believes in education’” (Richardson, Jesse, p. 337).  The N.E.A. praised the book as the “kind that comes but once in a generation” (Ibid). The book’s success is is demonstrated by the fact that it has been almost continuously in print since 1949.


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