Robert Lowry, New York City, New York, 1958. 13 pp.
Reprinted as a
facsimile edition by Robert Curry Publications, [Chesapeake, Ohio], 1978. 16 pp.
  Jesse Stuartís  Tim was written as an assignment in a creative writing class at Lincoln Memorial University in 1927. Although this is technically a reprint edition, its unique status makes it a candidate for inclusion in this exhibit. Robert Lowry was associated with The Little Man magazine, when Tim was published as a supplement in 1939. In 1958 Lowry produced a mimeographed edition, running off some fifty copies. He stapled the pages together on the left side; he even used staples to write out TIM on some of the covers. He apparently numbered the first twenty-five copies, which had a cover price of one dollar. Copies of the original publication are extremely rare.

In 1978, on the twentieth anniversary of the original’s publication, Robert Curry of Chesapeake, Ohio, printed fifty facsimile copies, reproducing a copy inscribed by Jesse Stuart to Lillian Richards. Lowry had apparently sent five or six copies to Stuart, and his may be the source for the original copy in the facsimile.

The identity of Lillian Richards is not known. Marshall University Libraries acquired a number of Jesse Stuart items from Robert Curry, but not the original mimeographed copy that he owned. The whereabouts of Curry’s original copy is not presently known.


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