T O   T E A C H   W I T H   L O V E
World Publishing Co, New York City, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio, 1970. 317 pp.
  To Teach With Love  
  To Teach With Love is Jesse Stuart’s biographical account of growing up in Kentucky—his boyhood, elementary and high school days, as well as his foray into higher education at Lincoln Memorial College and Vanderbilt University. He also writes about teaching in a one-room school house, his experiences as a high school superintendent, and ends with is work at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, where he taught creative writing.

Jesse Stuart’s philosophy of teaching is given on the front flap of the book’s dust jacket: “This much I know: Love, a spirit of adventure and excitement, a sense of mission has to get back into the classroom. Without it our schools—and our country—will die.” Stuart’s motivation for teaching is expressed in a comment on the end flap: “No joy runs deeper than the feeling that I have helped a youth stand on his own two feet, to have courage and self-reliance, and to find himself when he did not know who he was or where he was going.”


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