U P   T H E   H O L L O W   F R O M  L Y N C H B U R G
McGraw-Hill Book Co, New York City, New York, 1975. 128 pp.
Text by Jesse Stuart and Photographs by Joe Clark
  Up the Hollow from Lynchburg  
  Up the Hollow from Lynchburg is a collaborative between the photographer, Joe Clark, and Jesse Stuart, recording graphically and with prose the people of the small (population 361) rural community  of Lynchburg, Tennessee, “where the Blue Grass meets the Cumberland Mountains” (Dust jacket). Clark was from the region and his black and white photographs are rendered with quiet simplicity, showing the people in their everyday pursuits. Stuart offers a brief description for each photograph, in which he writes about each subject—prose that is sensitive and respectful of the culture and heritage of these mountain people.


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