T H E   W O R L D  O F   J E S S E   S T U A R T
 McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York City, New York,  1975. 310 pp.
  World of Jesse Stuart  
  The World of Jesse Stuart was the creation of Defiance College professor, J. R. LeMaster, who edited an edition of Stuart’s poems covering the four decades after the publication of Man with a Bull-Tongued Plow. The book “reminded readers of what they might have forgotten—that Stuart’s ‘first calling—and still his first love—is poetry’” (Richardson, Jesse, p. 435).  The book was nominated for the 1975 Pulitzer Prize in poetry, but was not selected.

The Jesse Stuart Collection contains two copies of the first edition, both inscribed by Stuart, as well as a copy of the uncorrected page proof edition, also inscribed by Stuart, which was acquired in 1977.


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