T H E   Y E A R   O F   M Y   R E B I R T H
McGraw-Hill & Co., New York City, New York, 1956. 242 pp.
With illustrations by Barry Martin.
  The Year of My Rebirth  
  The Year of My Rebirth recounts Stuart’s year-long recuperation from a massive heart attack he suffered in October 1954 shortly after giving a lecture at Murray State College. As Stuart collapsed and faded into unconsciousness, he kept repeating, “I will not die. I will not die” (Richardson, Jesse, p. 356). While being rushed to a hospital, he was given two nitroglycerine tablets that probably saved his life. He spent forty-six days in the hospital; most of that time he was completely incapacitated.

Upon returning to W-Hollow in November, his doctors ordered complete bed rest. He later wrote, “I had to to learn to walk. I had to learn to speak. I had to come back from everything. It was a new life” (Gifford and Kazee, Jesses Stuart, 115). To keep himself occupied Stuart began keeping a daily journal. Eventually, he turned his diary into The Year of Rebirth, which still continues to inspire readers with its uplifting message of hope and healing. The book was published two year’s later in Great Britain.


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