Cover of the catalog of the Weaver Map Collection

     Valerie Adkins
, Marshall University history graduate student, typed the descriptions for all the maps from the Carlton "Buck" Weaver Collection of Transallegheny Maps catalog.
     Andrew Earles, Electronic Media Technician, assisted in taking digital photographs, especially the John Mitchell Map.
     Lisle Brown, Curator of Special Collections, took most of the digital photographs of the maps and did the final editing of all the graphics used in the display. He also did the design and code for the exhibit's final graphical appearance.


This exhibit contains only a sample of the Carlton "Buck" Weaver Collection of TransAllegheny maps. A catalog of the complete collection, with photographs and descriptions, is available for $8.00 at the following address:
              Weaver Map Catalog
              Special Collections, Morrow Library
              One John Marshall Drive
              Marshall University
              Huntington WV 25755
Checks should be made out to: Marshall University

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