Carlton C. "Buck" Weaver TransAllegheny Map Collection

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Carlton D. "Buck" Weaver was born in Grantsville, West Virginia, in 1921. Graduating from The Citadel in 1939, he entered Marshall College (now Marshall University) at Huntington, West Virginia that same year. He transferred to West Virginia University the following year.

From 1941 to 1942 he worked as an office engineer for DuPont de Nemours. With the United States' entrance into World War Two he joined the Marine Corps, becoming a pilot, and was discharged as a major at the end of the war. In 1946 he returned to college and graduated with a BSEM-Petroleum Option in 1948. After graduation he continued to work for DuPont as a technical representative in natural resources in the Explosive Department, giving him great expertise in natural resources. In 1951 he left DuPont and joined Ashland Oil Company as a sales trainee. He advanced steadily in the company, through crude oil and pipeline departments to various management levels. By 1969 he was President of Resource Management for Ashland Oil. Until his retirement, he also served as "a virtual ex-officio member of Arch [Mineral Corporation]'s management," a coal mining operation (Scott. Buried Treasure, 194).

His ancestors were among the first to move into the land that later became West Virginia, emigrating from Pennsylvania, after emigrating from Germany. He became fascinated with land on which his ancestors lived and traveled. He had a love of maps and so began devoting his spare time to collecting maps of the TransAllegheny region. His collecting took him to map dealers throughout the United States, as well as London. He takes great pride in his ancestors and the land they occupied as depicted in the early North American maps he collected. In 1992 he donated his map collection to the library at Marshall University, which is housed in Special Collections, Morrow Library.

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