Thomas Bowen. A Correct Map of the United States of North America, including the British and Spanish Territories, carefully laid down agreeable to the Treaty of 1784. Hand colored.
[From Banks. A New and Complete System of Universal Geography.]

Thomas Bowenís distinguished father was the official engraver for King George II. He engraved for his fatherís atlas, British American Plantations and Captain Cookís Royal English Atlas, 1767; Atlas Anglicanus, 1761; for Morantís Essex, 1768; Taylor and Skinnerís Roads, 1776; Middletonís Geography, 1777-1778; for Carverís New Universal Traveller, 1779; for Hogg, 1785; and for Forsterís History of Voyages, 1786.
This map covers the thirteen United States, Louisiana, and parts of Canada, Florida, and Mexico. It shows the boundaries, towns and Cities, forts, Indian villages and tribal territory, mines, grasslands and relief, as well as a few historical notes.

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