Henricus Hondius' map of Virginia, 1639.
Henricus Hondius. Nova VirginiŠ Tabula. Hand Colored. 1639.
A copy of John Smith's "Map of Virginia", 1612.

The first permanent settlement in North America was at Jamestown on the James River, Virginia, in 1607. John Smith, on of the original settlers, expored the region and drew a map in 1612. This is attractive example of Henricus Hondius' derivativation of Smith's 1612 map. The map is based upon the 1618 map drawn by Henricus, the brother Jodocus Hondius. The plate was sold to Willem Blaeu by Jodocus' estate after his death in 1629. This was one of the first maps engraved by Henricus for his Atlantis Appendix of 1630. Within the map also appears the British Royal Arms and vignettes depicting the interior of a native hut, entitled "Status Regius Powhatan, and a full figure of an Indian warrior. This is the only state of the map where the Indian faces the Chesapeake.

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