Matthaeis Seutteri. Accrata delineatio celeberrimeæ Regionis Ludovicianæ vel Gallice Louisiane ol. Canadæ et Floridæ adpellantione in Septemtroinali America descriptæ quaehodie nomine Fluminis Mississippi vel st.Louis per Colonias et Navigationes gallorum ob immensas opes et adfluetiam magisque inclarescit. 1750. hand colored.

Settler’s fine map of eastern North America was copied from Henri Chatelain’s Carta del la Nouvelle France, published in 1719.This example is typical of the high standard of German maps of this period. There is a decorative title cartouche, “apparently an allegorical representation of the wealth and happiness to be found in the New World.The map covers the area from what is now the Mexican order to Hudson Bay and eastern Canada. The coloring serves to emphasize the political divisions of the area shown with English colonies along the eastern seaboard, the French province of Canada, ou la Nouvella France, the English possessions around Hudson’s Bay, the French province of La Louisiane La Florida. It is a “decorative, impressive and uncommon map.”

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