Marshall Unversity's Center for Teaching & Learning: Service Learning Program
Service Learning Program
Why Use Service Learning?
Become a Community Partner!

The MUSLP invites faculty feedback. If you are interested in becoming involved with the MUSLP or would like to learn more about service learning opportunities please don't hesitate to create a free Community Partner account with us at the Service Learning Program. The Sign Up Form will allow you to create your specific username and password as fill out your Community Partner Profile. The information in your profile will help us match you up with SL faculty and courses that can work with you for semester long projects.

Community Liaison Services (Email us at

For Community Organizations, maintaining successful partnerships with faculty and monitoring your student volunteers during their service hours can be time consuming--particularly if you have a small staff or are working with multiple courses during a semester. To facilitate some of these logistical tasks, MUSLP offers the following community liaison services to faculty:

  • weekly/monthly calls to verify student participation and reliability
  • site visits in order to link up potential faculty partners during their course development
  • delivery of partnership documents

What we don't do:

  • direct service projects for students on site
  • develop Service Learning activities for students

Ensure the long-term viability of yoru partnerships and stay on top of student progress by requesting community liasion services. Email Us.

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Subscribe to the MU Service Learning Listserve for updates on all things Service Learning.
Explore the Library (Click here for the SLP Library)
MUSLP offers a continuously growing service learning library to support community members who are interested in getting involved in service-learning courses. The MUSLP has many resources that explore service learning pedagogy, sample projects and more. Click to see a list of current titles available to check out. Requested resources can be delivered or you may wish to visit the MUSLP office to browse the shelves.
One-on-One Consultation (Email us at
Have questions or need more information? Organizations interested in developing an "SL" projects may wish to arrange a one-on-one consultation to discuss any number of questions related to identifying potential faculty, discussing the viability of a project, developing service projects relevant to a discipline, etc.