Marshall Unversity's Center for Teaching & Learning: Service Learning Program
Service Learning Program
My Community Partner Profile
Please use the form below to submit your Community Partner Checklist. You can also use the printable version of this form and submit it to the Marshall University Service Learning Program inside Old Main Room B2. 
Name Name of Agency
Define Service Learning
How does this service learning project benefit the community/your agency AND Marshall students involved?
How will this project increase the sustainability of your organization? Explain.
How have you communicated with the faculty member? Will both of your needs be met through this project?
What is your understanding of the benefit to the student as they participate in this project?
What do you see as your main role in this project?
Please provide ONE strategy you will implement during the future when collaborating with the University
Please provide ONE suggestion for improving this training
If you are not able to complete this checklist, pleaes contact the Service Learning PRogram or the faculty member you are collaborating with.