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Service Learning Program
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MUSLP offers a continuously growing service learning library to support students who are interested in getting involved in service-learning courses. The MUSLP has many resources that explore service learning pedagogy, sample projects and more. Click to see a list of current titles available to check out. Requested resources can be delivered or you may wish to visit the MUSLP office to browse the shelves.
One-on-One Consultation (Email us at
Have questions or need more information? Students interested in taking an "SL" course may wish to arrange a one-on-one consultation to discuss any number of questions related to workload, academics, potential projects and organizations and availability of courses within their discipline.
Student Resource Center

To learn what sort of Service Learning classes are being offered at Marshall University, you can contact the Student Resource Center.

You can also look for the Service Learning designator in the Course Catalog while enrolling for classes or contact the MUSLP for a full listing of upcoming Service Learning courses:

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Volunteer Services

For students interested in volunteering through Marshall University but outside of the classroom, please contact Volunteer Services to find out about on-going and day/weekend long projects that you or your student group may participate in.