Partnership Agreement Form: Faculty and Community

                                             Marshall University Service Learning Program


Faculty Name/Dept:                                                                                                            Semester/Year:


Course Number/Title:


Community Partner (organization):


Partner Contact Person/Title/Phone:


Brief description of the nature of the service project (including a list of community-identified needs that the project will meet):














Number of students required for the project (estimated):



Weekly hours per student required for the project (estimated):                           Number of weeks required:


Level of student supervision the faculty member expects from the community partner:







Level of responsibility and skills that the community partner can expect from students:







Statement describing any student orientation/training activities offered by the community partner, the faculty member, or both:








We certify that the service project has been developed collaboratively by both the faculty member and the community partner to ensure that student learning objectives are met and that the service provided meets community-identified needs. Both the faculty member and the community partner have received a copy of this completed partnership agreement form.








Faculty Member Signature                               Date                          Community Partner Signature                             Date