In Good Company

Although you may not realize it, as a participant of SSS, you are in good company.  Many students have achieved and reached their potential thanks to TRIO and SSS at Marshall University, and we want to hear from you, the alumni of Marshall University’s Student Support Services.  We are very proud of our SSS alumni, and we ask that you share your success, words of encouragement and support with our current students so they can understand the impact SSS and TRIO can have on their education and lives.  Please let us know how SSS helped you by emailing your story, pictures and tips for success to:


Bonnie Bailey, Director, MU SSS

“Being a first generation college student and TRiO participant, I feel honored to have the opportunity to help students utilize their potential to reach their goals and succeed in their future endeavors.”

Dustin 3

Dustin Stover

Philadelphia Eagles Assistant Equipment Manager

Marshall University, Class of 2011

Student Support Services Alumni

Talent Search Alumni

 “I would personally like to thank SSS for all they have done for me. The program was and still a huge part of my life. With the guidance of Bonnie Bailey and the SSS Staff, I have been able to accomplish my goals and endeavors. While enrolled in college, I always felt one step ahead from being in the program. There was never a time I did not have someone to talk to or answer my questions. Whether if it was school or personal circumstances, they (SSS) were always there for me. I would not be where I’m at now, if not for the wonderful individuals at Student Support Services. I have truly been blessed to be associated with such an amazing organization and the people within the program.”

Chase Likens

Nashville Recording Artist

Marshall University, Class of 2013

Student Support Services Alumni

Talent Search Alumni

 “I could not have made it through college without the guidance and undying dedication of Student Support Services.”

Timmy Ellis

Company Commander, US Army

Marshall University, Class of 2010

Student Support Services Alumni

“Just like in a workout, push yourself to exhaustion when it comes to your dreams. You are your biggest obstacle.”


Adam Bailey

Master’s Degree Student at Marshall University

Marshall University, Class of 2012

Student Support Services Alumni

“Experiences do not define me as a person, but they do help to explain me.  I’ve learned to value family, friendships, and communities because I would not be here today if not for them.  My life goal is to simply return that sentiment.”