Anonymous Hazing Submission Form

Anonymous Hazing Submission
  • This form is used to submit a report of incidents/events that you believe to be hazing. A submitted report may result in an investigation by the appropriate MU Administrator (Student Affairs, Human Resources and/or the Provost’s office) into the alleged hazing incident. Every attempt will be made to keep all information submitted in this form confidential; however, it may be difficult to complete the investigation without knowing the source of the report. As a reminder, the MU definition of hazing is below: "Hazing means any action or situation created by a member of the University Community against another member of the University Community for the purpose of affiliation with a group or organization that: Is negligent or reckless in nature; Is humiliating or endangers an individual; or Unreasonably interferes with scholastic or employment activities. Hazing may occur regardless of the individual’s willingness to participate." Read the full Hazing Policy
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  • You are not required to submit any personal information. Your report will result in an investigation regardless of whether or not you choose to submit your name and contact information. Should you choose to submit your name and contact information, you may be contacted for a confidential interview so the appropriate MU Administrator may gather additional information from regarding your incident report