2013 Participants
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NAME: Cody Stover

PROJECT TITLE: Bioavailability of Capsaicin in Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is characterized by a high rate of growth, rapid progression, and a dismal survival rate. Previous research shows that dietary compounds or nutrition-based therapies can potently suppress the growth of several different types of human cancers.   Data published from our laboratory shows that capsaicin (the spicy ingredient of chili peppers) displays growth-inhibitory activity in a human SCLC cell lines, and in athymic mice models. The administration of capsaicin to athymic mice via dietary methods produced no discomfort or toxicity in mice. However, there have been no studies exploring the bioavailability and half-life of capsaicin in tissue culture models or in mice.  The measurement of the half-life of capsaicin and its distribution in various organs is a crucial step in its development as a viable anti-cancer treatment.  Also, nothing is known about the bioavailability of capsaicin in pulmonary tissues. The present research proposal plans to fill this void in information and proposes to measure the bioavailability of capsaicin in both cell culture and in mice models.  We hypothesize that capsaicin will be detected in the lung tissue and blood after oral administration in mice.  Additionally, our studies will foster the development of novel drug-delivery strategies for improving the therapeutic index of capsaicin in human SCLCs.