2013 Participants
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NAME: Erin Fankhanel

PROJECT TITLE: Nano-therapy for sepsis induced lung injury

Sepsis is a leading cause of death among the hospitalized and remains a problem for hospitals despite efforts for improving treatment.  There have been recent studies showing that cerium oxide can reduce these effects, particularly in using antioxidant properties to reduce damage to organ systems. These antioxidant properties are thought to be beneficial in reducing organ dysfunction and damage. In particular, this research will be used to determine if cerium oxide is effective in preventing, reducing, or reversing sepsis-induced lung injury. To determine the efficacy of cerium oxide as a treatment for lung injury, male Sprague Dawley rats will be randomly placed in one of three groups: control, sepsis, and sepsis plus cerium oxide treatment. At animal sacrifice, lung tissue will be collected from each of the animals and data collected through various methods including histology and biochemical tests. In addition, before storing tissues for further analysis, data will be collected for physical assessment of lung function and morphology. These tests are expected to provide insight in the efficacy of using cerium oxide nanoparticles to treat lung injury. The results of this study may possibly be helpful in leading to new treatments of sepsis and the organ dysfunction linked to the condition. Specifically, the results could lead to increased knowledge about lung damage from sepsis and the effects of cerium oxide exposure in sepsis-induced injured lungs.

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