2013 Participants
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NAME: Nguyet Le

PROJECT TITLE: Combinatorial Approach to Studying Metal Enhanced Fluorescence from Quantum Dots

Fluorescence is extensively applied in biomedical science such as cell imaging [1]. Fluorescence of molecules can be enhanced if molecules are close to metal nanoparticles [1,2]. Gold nanoparticles are frequently used in metal-enhanced fluorescence because gold is less reactive than other metals. Fluorescence from quantum dots is of particular interest because the quantum dots do not lose fluorescence ability when exposed to light. Moreover, quantum dots have higher intensity of fluorescence than molecules typically used for this application. So, our purpose is determining the different ways to coupling quantum dots with gold nanoparticles, and then determining how size and space between gold nanoparticles can effect fluorescent intensity. For this summer, we propose two different ways to attach quantum dots to gold nanoparticles. The first attachment method will be BSA-biotin-streptavidin layer. The second attachment method will be the use of thiol terminated oligonucleotides. We expect that quantum dots successfully attach to gold nanoparticles using both methods.


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