2014 Participants
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NAME: Kristen Campbell


PROJECT TITLE: Application of FT-IR Microspectroscopy for Differentiating Human Blood from Animal Blood By FT-IR Microspectroscopy Using Support Vector Machine Analysis

The goal of this project is to expand and continue my current project which is funded by the Marshall University NASA Space Grant Advisory Committee. The project uses a Fourier Transform Infrared Microspectrometer to examine blood samples and then compares the IR spectral signatures of human blood with animal blood using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Analysis; a powerful multivariate technique. If this project proves promising, this approach could become a rapid and a highly innovative method for the testing of blood stains at crime scenes. Current methods for blood analysis are typically involved and require the use of antibodies which makes the existing methods expensive and inconvenient.  With time we would like to expand the library of our blood samples in order to better model for the IR spectral differences between human and animal blood. Using SVM to analyze IR spectral signatures, our laboratory was successful in differentiating normal and cancerous colonocytes within 100% accuracy. The power of this technique for analyzing other types of spectral data is well documented in the literature (1-3). Expanding the database of our IR spectral signatures is anticipated to reach completion by the time the SURE project is to be presented. Analysis of the data should be straight forward as all the necessary statistical software are currently being used at our lab. Upon successful completion of this project, we anticipate to file for intellectual property protection.