2014 Participants
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NAME: Michael Parsons

PROJECT TITLE: : Characterization of DPY19 Mammalian Homologues 

To date none of the four DPY-19 homologues found in humans have ever been investigated for enzymatic function.  The purpose of this project will be purification and characterization of these specific homologues.  The genes will be put into HEK-293 cells and promoted so that an abundance of protein is produced.  In addition to studying the wild strand, mutations will be made systematically to each of the homologues to determine what effects will manifest in the cell as a result of alterations to the DPY-19 homologues.

            Upon characterizing the DPY-19 homologues we hope to provide information about the kinetics of C-linked glycosylation as well as the activities of glycotransferases.  The DPY mutated cells will also allow us to study the effects of inhibiting -linked glycosylation totally in a cell.  This may lead to novel information regarding the purpose of this specific type of glycosidic bond.