2016 Participants
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NAME: Jordan Cruz Martinez

Binding the (penta-4-pyridinyl)cyclopentadienyl ligand to Cr(CO)6, would lead to the half sandwich complex, (C5Py5)Cr(CO)3 (Py = 4-pyridyl (C5H4N)). This compound would be able to coordinate other metals using the lone pairs on the nitrogen atoms. The ligand precursor, C5Py5H, is unknown and must first be prepared. To achieve this, di-4-pyridinyl acetone and the 4-pyridinyl derivative of benzil, PyC(O)C(O)Py will be made using 4-picoline and 4-picolinaldehyde, respectively. They can then be cyclized via an aldol condensation, forming 2,3,4,5-(tetra-4-pyridinyl)cyclopenta-2,4-dien-1-one. This may then react with 4-pyridine Grignard reagent to form the penta-4-pyridinyl ring. This proposal will emphasize the synthesis of (penta-4-pyridinyl)cyclopentadiene as the first step towards tricarbonyl(5-(penta-4-pyridinyl)cyclopentadienyl)chromium(I).



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