2016 Participants
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NAME: Samantha Garretson

The objective is to modify nitinol nanoparticles with acids to improve their use for biomedical procedures. Because the existence of nickel in the nickel-titanium metal alloy brings concern of allergies and cancer, the nanoparticle must be treated in a way to reduce the chance of the release of reactive nickel ions. A proposed method has been the self-assembled monolayer, which has formerly been successful with the modification of metal oxide surfaces. The infrared can be analyzed for particle vibration, which is an indication as whether the current concentration of acid is appropriate for the project. Through repeated trial and error, the ideal concentration can be found to modify the nitinol nanoparticles to their optimum function.

Many problems have been faced throughout the course of the project, including procedures for dynamic light scattering and cyclic voltammetry. In the future, a better procedure would be created for dynamic light scattering with Marshall University’s new instrument in order to find accurate particle sizes. The results have most recently improved significantly from those of the former instrument. Additionally, more modifications will be made to the cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy procedure to investigate the effects of modification on the reactivity of the nanoparticles at the surface. There has been success with the experiment as a whole, but work over the summer would allow for more time and faster progress making, mapping, and analyzing samples.


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