2017 Participants
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NAME: Jason Lykins

MonitOR - Operating Site Infection Incidence Monitoring and Analysis

Patient safety is vital to the providers and payers within the health care system, but unexpected illnesses under the care of health professionals result in significant increases in health care costs. One of the major causes of this financial increase is “hospital acquired infections” (HAI) specifically in the Operating Room (OR). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates these costs between $28.4 to $33.8 billion per year [1]. To prevent these infections and decrease the costs related to these infections within the OR, hospitals require protocols regarding sterilized equipment, proper disinfection, and maintenance of clean air. While each OR is contained as a positive-pressure environment with filtered, recirculated air, the introduction of an outside source, such as the opening of a door, breaks that contained environment bringing with it the possibility for infection.

            To assist in the prevention of infections within the OR, there is an electronic device which monitors the actions of an OR door. It measures the length of time the door is open as well as the volume of traffic. This device is already being implemented in ten Operating Rooms at Cabell Huntington Hospital and each device broadcasts the historical data collected to a server. This historical data is then used for the development of operational guidelines, policies and procedures to reduce the number of HAI’s within the OR. Consistency is key to maintaining an efficient historical log. One issue with these devices is that they do not accurately produce consistent data. In portions of the log, hours to days are missing that could provide vital information towards the prevention of infections. This research will focus on scrubbing the hardware and software for inconsistencies that would cause missing data. As well, this research will also seek to find and implement redundancy protocols within the software to prevent any missing data.